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Welcome to Bharti Krishna Vidya Vihar

Our Inspiration

Shree Jagatguru Shankaracharya Shri Bharti Krishna Teerthji Maharaj

India has a long tradition of Saints and sages. Although in the first half of last century, several notable Saints, Philosophers and learned men appeared on the Indian scene, few contributed more to the society as a whole as did Jagatguru Shankaracharya Shri Bharti Krishna Teerthji Maharaj.

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Late Smt. Manjula Trivedi

She was a disciple of His Holiness Jagatguru Shankaracharya Swami, Shree Bharti Krishna Teerthji Maharaj, of Gowardhan Math, Puri. She was also the founder member & General Secretary of Shree Vishwa Punarniraman Sangh, Nagpur. Her concern for the underprivileged was heartfelt. Thus, she dedicated her life for the Sangh. It was her budding vision which is blooming year after year. Her esteemed contribution to the school will always remain indelible.


PADMASHREE DR.VIKRAM MARWAH (4/06/1925 - 06/11/2013)

Founder President's Message

Padmashree Dr. Vikram Marwah, was the Founder of BKVV School and the Founder President of VPNS.

BKVV had organized a prayer service on his first death anniversary on 6th November 2014, the first death anniversary of Late Padmashree Dr. Vikram Marwah, the Founder President, an Orthopedic Surgeon par excellence and dedicated social worker.

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Ex. Trustee's Message

Adv. R. S. Pandit was one of the towering stalwarts associated with Bharti Krishna Vidya Vihar. Under his remarkable leadership, the institution made rapid progress. He was the guiding factor with tremendous enthusiasm and missionary zeal. His foresight and vision enabled him to leave an indelible mark in the field of education and social service.

Panditji has been characterized by his clear and dispassionate thinking on various modes of education. He was endowed with a broad outlook encompassing divergent views. He was the one who added lustre to the chair he occupied and influenced others.

He was a hard-core patriot and admired Indian culture. He always emphasized teaching Indian values to the next generations. In this regard, he laid a heavy responsibility on the shoulders of the teachers who act as role models for their students. He appreciated the teachers who taught self-study techniques to the students, compelled students to think out of the box, showed eagerness, creativity and rendered knowledge beyond books.

Principal's Message

B.K.V.V. School is an institution that exists to produce learning. The school’s purpose is not only to transfer knowledge but to create environment and experiences that bring students to discover and construct knowledge for them. We encourage our students to analyse and evaluate their experiences, to doubt, to question, to investigate, in other words, to be inquisitive and to think independently.

We try to provide a fine blend of modern educational techniques with time tested ideas and ideals. Every coming moment inspires us to do better than the one passed.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

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