Welcome to Bharti Krishna Vidya Vihar

Our Inspiration

Shri Jagatguru Shankaracharya
Bharti Krishna Teerthji Maharaj

His Holiness Jagatguru Shankaracharya founded the institution Shree Vishwa Punarnirman Sangh (World Reconstruction Association) in 1953 at Rawal Bhawan, Telangkhedi. Under the aegis of the noble organization Bharti Krishna Vidya Vihar a secondary school affiliated to CBSE, as an institution for socially responsible inclusive learning,was established in the year 1984.
A man of profound learning. He was a great saint, philosopher, Sanskrit scholar, mathematician, accredited religious leader and a devout nationalist.

Smt. Manjula Trivedi​

Late Smt. Manjula Trivedi was disciple a of His Holiness Jagatguru Shankaracharya Swami, Shri Bharti Krishna Teerthji Maharaj, of Gowardhan Math, Puri. She was General Secretary of Shree Vishwa Punarnirman Sangh, Nagpur. She dedicated her life for the Sangh. It was her budding vision which is blooming year after year. Her esteemed contribution to the school will always remain indelible.

Principal's Message​

B.K.V.V. School is an institution that exists to produce learning. The school’s purpose is not only to transfer knowledge but to create environment and experiences that bring students to discover and construct knowledge for them. We encourage our students to analyse and evaluate their experiences, to doubt, to question, to investigate, in other words, to be inquisitive and to think independently through all the activities scholastic and co scholastic.
We provide a fine blend of modern educational techniques with time tested ideas and ideals. Every coming moment inspires us to do better than the one passed.
We trust that each child is a gift of nature and that each child is unique and grows at his or her own pace. We nurture intelligence and encourage creativity and original thinking through a vibrant teaching and learning process.

Padmashree Dr. Vikram Marwah

Padmashree Late Dr.Vikram Marwah is the founder, Bharti Krishna Vidya Vihar and former President, Shree Vishwa Punarnirman Sangh.
He was an orthopaedic Surgeon by profession and also a noted social worker who has dedicated his life to serve the needy. He was the former Dean Professor and HOD- Surgery and Orthopaedics, Govt.Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur and former President of Indian Orthopaedic Association. His vision is to provide quality education to all sections of society and character building of students. The School and the Sangh have created several milestones under his able guidance. He was honoured by the Government of India from his services to mankind by awarding him “ Padmashree “ in the year 2002.

Adv. R.S. Pandit

Ex. Trustee, Shree Vishwa Punarniraman Sangh
Late Adv. R.S. Pandit was one of the towering stalwarts associated with Bharti Krishna Vidya Vihar. Under his remarkable leadership, the institution made rapid progress. He was the guiding light with tremendous enthusiasm and missionary zeal. His foresight and vision enabled him to leave an indelible mark in the field of education and social service.
He was a hard-core patriot and admirer of Indian culture. He always emphasized teaching Indian values to the next generations.